🧚 MINDVIBZ® uses "mindful marketing" to help you build a brand people can love. It's about creating meaningful connections so you can gain faster traction and sustain scalable growth. Focused on brand strategy, customer-centric communications, modern marketing and storytelling, mindful marketing does away with the megaphone and enhances the magnetic effect your brand deserves.
The 🚀 MINDLAB.MINDVIBZ education and training platform is designed to help solopreneurs, startup companies and marketing managers with strategic brand building and growth marketing programs, including coaching instruction, DIY quick guides and template systems, to gain faster traction while sustaining scalable growth. Get ready to transform your marketing from a chaotic cost-center into a revenue-generating system.

Hi there, I'm Nikke. Over the last 20 years, I've been working with technology and e-commerce brands, from startups all the way up to multinational corporations like Symantec, Pioneer, Oracle, Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile/T-Systems) and the Adam Hall Group.

My philosophy is there are so many great ideas and inventions ready to make the world a better place, but unfortunately most fail to take off. This is because confused customers don’t buy!

No matter how big or small, it's always about creating empathy for your brand by connecting clearly, consistently and relevantly with your customers – in the way they think, feel, speak and share. Being inspired by innovation and creativity myself, I'm passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs bring new products, services and solutions to market aimed at solving problems, adding value, being relevant and offering a positive user-experience with some sort of surprise.

Building brands that connect in order to increase awareness, generate interest and cultivate customer loyalty is my field of expertise. Do you have the right communications strategies in place to gain a competitive edge in today's digitally empowered world?

Build more than a business; build a brand people love! 🧲 Check out our BRAND.BUILDERS foundation course and get started today!

Serving: Startups, Solopreneurs, Small/Mid-sized Businesses and Marketing Professionals.
Languages: English and German.
Our focus areas follow your marketing journey:
...including tracking and monitoring performance to optimize along the entire way:

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p.s. on a more personal note, a little more about me... when I'm not immersed in the world of business and marketing, you can find me enjoying the great outdoors on my mountain bike or enjoying life on stage drumming in my band REVOLUTION EVE.

And throughout all facets of life, I'm lucky to have my fur-baby COSMO, the world's best companion. Some people think he's a Shih Tzu dog, but at work, he's the Official Office Mood Enhancer and Vision Director inspiring others with his buddha-like calming charms.


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